Coronation Street’s Stephen Reid triumphs again as Carla makes big decision

With his cocaine plan, Stephen Reid defeated Carla Connor on Coronation Street.

This week, the murderer has been trying to gain the upper hand at the workplace by adding LSD to Carla’s tea, making her have hallucinations while at work.

In the episode that aired on Friday (February 17), Carla appeared to be acting suspiciously when she realized she had an appointment with Dick Havisham that was no longer on her schedule.

In order to make Carla question her judgment, Stephen broke into her office the previous evening and deleted the crucial meeting and destroyed time-sensitive papers.

Carla was given a second drugged mug of tea, and he began his filthy job by trying to convince her that she had canceled the morning meeting.

Carla was afterwards phoned by Dick Havisham, who demanded an explanation for why she had missed their meeting. Carla hung up and hurried off to make the appointment before Dick left.

Later, Carla showed up at the garage to pick up her car from Abi, but when Carla questioned why the tires in the corner were turning, Abi became concerned.

Abi cautioned her, “I don’t think you ought to be driving.”

Carla was irate and paranoid, demanding to know whether others were circulating rumors about her as Abi tried to determine whether or not Carla was reacting negatively to medication.

Carla retorted, “You can’t stop me from driving,” after which.

So while Carla was in that state, Abi wouldn’t give up the keys. Carla, regrettably, saw the Underworld van close by and decided to take control of it instead.

Carla came barreling down the street as Peter was getting ready to take Paul for a trip on his motorcycle. Carla struck Paul before she could react, sending him flying to the ground.

Paul was outraged when Stephen stopped by to inform them of Carla’s condition at the time of the crash, even though his arm was damaged. Paul was brought to the hospital.

Billy and Paul questioned Carla and Peter as to why she was driving if she was “unwell” at the time. Billy stated that Carla was “struggling,” and Peter kicked them out as a result.

Carla informed a delighted Stephen that she was taking time off work and wanted him to run the plant with Sarah after having a heart-to-heart with Peter.

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