Coronation Street’s Stephen Reid left horrified by incriminating Rufus death clue

Stephen Reid, a murderer from Coronation Street, becomes terrified the next week after realizing his error in covering up the death of Rufus Donahue.

After having an incredibly revealing talk with Rufus’ sad wife Lou, Stephen fears that the walls are closing in.

Rufus was drugged and drowned by the cunning scoundrel at the businessman’s house in April. Given that Rufus’ death was regarded as an accident, he was able to get away with the murder.

The following week, Lou visits Underworld and makes a brief announcement about the impending release of the inquest report regarding Rufus’ passing.

Lou says she believes there has been foul play, and she has already gotten in touch with the Weatherfield Gazette to voice her concerns.

Stephen makes an effort to appear unconcerned, but soon he begins searching the internet for news articles on Rufus’ passing.

When the coroner announces that Rufus died accidentally, all of Lou’s theories are proven to be false.

When Lou refuses to abandon her convictions and insists that Rufus’ mystery drowning still doesn’t make sense, Stephen is unnerved. He implores Lou to acknowledge the tragedy of the incident.

Stephen shows his support for Lou by showing up to Rufus’ memorial service later in the week.

When Jools, the late Rufus’ son, delivers an emotional tribute about his father, Stephen finds it difficult to maintain his cool.

The day of the con artist is made worse when Lou hands him a bag containing Rufus’ personal items that she discovered next to the pool.

According to Lou, a tie-pin was found at the site, but she is aware that it wasn’t Rufus’.

When Lou says she will show the police the pin, Stephen recognizes it as being his and is appalled. Could this result in the reopening of the investigation?

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