Coronation Street’s Stephen Reid has latest murder plan thwarted

In Coronation Street, Stephen Reid’s newest murderous scheme has been foiled.

After a vehicle accident earlier this week left Teddy fighting for his life, Friday’s half-hour episode showed the cunning Stephen trying to kill Teddy.

Stephen lied right away, claiming Teddy had been intoxicated when he fell into oncoming traffic, even though he was shocked to learn from the doctors that Teddy would probably make a full recovery.

Jenny once more left Stephen alone with the comatose Teddy as she excused herself to get some fresh air. Stephen initially apologized to Teddy in private for killing his son Leo, but later his true intentions became clear.

Jenny unexpectedly entered the room as Stephen reached over to remove Teddy’s life support, preventing him from killing the only person who could show Leo never made it to Canada.

Since Jenny was still in the dark about what Stephen was doing, and because this is the closest he’s ever gone to being discovered, he started making preparations to leave Weatherfield right away.

The delivery company Stephen works for called him and said the motorcycle he had crashed wasn’t covered by insurance. To resolve the issue, he pushed them for a £10,000 under-the-table payment.

As soon as I collect your money, I’m leaving the UK permanently, so I swear you won’t hear from me or anyone else again. Stephen made this promise.

Will Stephen be able to leave Weatherfield without being caught?

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