Coronation Street’s Stephen plots to scam Sarah as he pushes her to take out loan

Although Stephen Reid has tricked his family into believing he truly wants to support mum Audrey Roberts, Corrie viewers have seen the true Stephen Reid.

Fans have a lot of reason to be suspicious, from smuggling Kevin Webster into the police to using a mysterious woman’s credit card and forcing Audrey to sign the papers.

And the next week on the cobblestones, Stephen appears to be planning to defraud his niece Sarah as his troubling behavior continues.

Carla starts to lose patience at the factory as she tries to get a fabric order.

Stephen starts to attempt and get inside Sarah’s head while she struggles, telling her that she’s obviously the factory’s brains and that she should think about buying Carla out.

After telling Sarah that he was able to get the fabric order at a great price, Stephen then invites her out for a drink.

As they converse, Sarah confides in her uncle about her business plans with Stephen and asks him to assist Carla see that she is capable of understanding what she is saying.

On Wednesday, Sarah makes an effort to persuade Carla to hire Stephen as a consultant, but she is hesitant.

Carla expresses her worries about Stephen to Peter and Ken, but Ken counters that he has good intentions.

Carla accepts Ken’s recommendation to work with Stephen as a consultant. At No. 8 afterwards. Stephen advises Sarah to obtain a loan so she can grow the company on her own.

Will Stephen truly con his own niece and what is he up to?

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