Coronation Street’s Stephen motive ‘solved’ by fans sure he never lived abroad

Coronation Street viewers with keen eyes may have discovered a hint that Stephen Reid, Audrey’s son, never lived overseas, and they believe they have deduced his evil intent.

After relocating to Italy in 2007, Stephen, who immigrated to Canada in 1960 with his adoptive parents, has ostensibly been residing there. In the early 2000s, Sarah and Bethany Platt moved in with him.

However, since their return in 2014, it appears Stephen has been up to mischief behind the scenes. As a result, supporters now believe he has been living covertly in the UK for years.

Fans noted that Stephen had his own – very costly – automobile in England as a crucial indicator that he doesn’t appear to have settled down abroad recently.

One person wrote on Reddit, “Stephen. Why does he own a vehicle? He took a taxi from his home country to Weatherfield. Is he really that wealthy that he can simply rent a car for travels, or is he?

“So why couldn’t the business have arranged for mending it?”

Another poster said: “The hirer wouldn’t have to fix anything if there was a problem with it; it would have been replaced!” “You don’t take a rented car to a mechanic and pay to get it fixed,” another person said in agreement.

As one fan tweeted: “Stephen claiming ‘I have a very important meeting’ every five minutes, others are convinced Stephen is pulling off a sophisticated strategy to swindle Audrey out of her money. You are aware that he will probably get into problems and steal Audrey’s money.

Another said, “So either Audrey has dementia or Stephen is drugging her to get his hands on her money.”

Stephen is returning to empty Audrey’s bank account. Another tweeter quoted a third as saying, “Stephen only wants Audrey to sign here, here, and here.”

Stephen is squeaking and trying to wash his mother. These days, never leaves her side,” added another user on social media.

Other fans have speculated that Stephen is the person responsible for Aaron’s torture after he revealed bruising on his ribs from a ‘attack in the street’.

However, a later suspicious phone call revealed Aaron was being threatened by someone much closer to home—some have even speculated that Stephen could be his father.

One fan speculated, “I think Stephen beats up Aaron,” and another concurred, “I wonder if Stephen beat Aaron?”

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