Coronation Street’s Stephen in fake identity riddle as false name emerges

Since the beginning of Coronation Street, viewers have been convinced that Stephen, Audrey’s son, is involved in some questionable activity.

And now it appears as though their suspicions were correct because ITV serial spoilers have revealed that the Canadian businessman was using a false identity.

The following week, Audrey makes her way to her follow-up appointment with Dr. Gaddas and tells the doctor that she just underestimated the dosage of her sleeping tablets.

Dr. Gaddas advises Audrey to attempt a course of antidepressants instead of therapy because Audrey is insistent and determined to show that she doesn’t need it.

Rita and Stephen meet to plan a treat for his mother after Stephen confides in her his worries about his mother.

To cheer Audrey up, Rita enlists Roy and Ken in their luxurious afternoon tea at Debbie’s hotel. However, Stephen later gets a call from the location asking him to leave a deposit for the event.

But his card is refused in front of Shona and Sarah. Stephen becomes agitated and starts ranting at an Italian bank down the phone, much to the amusement of the other two.

Later, he is observed using a credit card in Mrs. Gabrielle Reid’s name to pay the deposit over the phone; what more is he concealing?

Stephen impresses Yasmeen and Elaine as he offers to sponsor a raffle prize for their food bank fundraiser in an effort to maintain his good guy persona.

While Yasmeen has moved on and has no desire to go on another date with the shady Canadian, Elaine is relieved.

Next week, Spider will also be pulling some pranks, so it won’t only be Stephen who has something hidden. He subsequently stands up for Toyah as Adam yells at her on the street after helping her pack up the apartment.

When Toyah discovers a savings account Imran set up in Alfie’s name, her grief intensifies, and she orders Spider to leave.

After learning that Spider had been detained during a protest, Toyah later gives Abi the savings account.

She enters the police station and sees Spider being given a quick release; she can’t help but lean in for a kiss.

Spider responds favorably, and the two enter the bedroom together. Toyah, however, who is struggling with guilt, asks him to leave before telling Abi that she just had a sexual encounter with her ex.

Spider says he’s happy to continue being friends, while Abi assures her that she is only grieving and that it is normal. Leanne, on the other hand, feels apprehensive when she sees the couple in the Rovers because she fears Toyah is falling for him once more.

What is Spider hiding from Toyah when he answers a call on the street and tells the caller he’s been busy and can’t wait to come back?

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