Coronation Street’s Stephen ‘abusing Aaron’ as fans spot doppelgänger at police station

Viewers of Coronation Street are certain that Stephen beat up Aaaron and that the businessman might be his father.

In a current episode of the soap opera, Summer tried to tickle Aaron, and he flinched.

When he told Summer that he had been attacked, she pushed him to call the police, but he refused, telling her that he “wasn’t listening to him.”

The pair reconciled, but when Aaron received a threatening phone call, he appeared shaken. Viewers overheard him reply to the unknown caller: “Five? I misunderstood what you meant; no problem, I’ll come right away. Please refrain; I’ll be leaving immediately.

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I just got confused.”

Fans believe they have now “figured out” Aaron’s tragic secret; some have even speculated that he may be a victim of domestic abuse.

When Stephen was observed in the police station reporting vandalism to his car, they became even more suspicious and became persuaded that Aaron was sitting behind Stephen at the police station.

One supporter posted the following query on Facebook to discuss the theory: “Was Aaron sitting next to Stephen as he went to give a statement to the police at the conclusion of last night’s episode? It wasn’t likely because I could only see his back of his head.”

Then, when people shared their opinions on the hypothesis, more users of the social networking platform flocked to the post to provide comments.

“I thought that too,” said one.

Someone else chimed up, “I thought it was him.”

Another voice said, “It might have been. It was obvious to us because of this.

If it is Aaron, he is likely there as a result of being beaten. Which I believe he either inherits from his mother or father. However, Stephen couldn’t be it because he would have seen him.

No, Aaron wasn’t it, a fourth person wrote. I went back and watched the conclusion to make sure, and it wasn’t him.

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