Coronation Street’s Spider hiding dark secret from Toyah amid mysterious phone conversation

Spider appeared to be the brightness Toyah urgently needed amid the anguish and heartache as he returned to the cobbles.

But as he makes a suspicious call behind Toyah’s back, it appears that he is genuinely keeping something secret from her.

On Coronation Street the following week, Leanne invites Toyah to stay with her at Victoria Court and reveals that Spider had previously expressed to her how lonely she was feeling.

She thanks Spider, happy that someone is watching out for her.

Later on in the week, Spider aids Toyah in packing up her apartment, and when Adam notices them, he yells at them on the street.

Spider starts yelling at Adam, but Toyah later finds a savings account Imran set up for Alfie.

Toyah gives Spider the go-ahead to depart as her grief spirals out of control.

On Friday, Toyah gives Abi information on the savings account that Imran had opened for Alfie before being cut off after she learns that Spider has been detained as a result of a protest.

Spider is released with a lap on the wrist as she makes her way down to the police station.

Back at the apartment, Toyah is struggling with her feelings. She leans in for a kiss, which Spider returns, allowing Toyah to lead him to the bedroom.

Later, Toyah struggles with her remorse and once more requests Spider’s departure.

Toyah reveals that she just had sex with her ex when Abi calls to check on her.

Abi, who doesn’t like to pass judgment, reassures Toyah that she is only grieving. Spider declares that he is content to continue being buddies.

Leanne worries that Toyah might be falling for her ex-boyfriend again after seeing her in the Rovers with Spider.

And it appears that her worries are justified when Spider answers his phone while standing in the street and says he is up to his eyes in work and can’t wait to get back.

What is he concealing?

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