Coronation Street’s Simon star Alex Bain looks totally different after transformation

In a recent batch of pictures, Alex Bain, who plays Simon Barlow on Coronation Street, appeared to have entirely changed into someone else.

The celebrity and his girlfriend Mollie Lockwood, who are now vacationing in Spain, posed for an intimate photo with their heads close together.

The pictures showed Alex beaming at the camera while sporting a moustache on his top lip and a five o’clock shadow at his chin, both recent changes to his facial hair.

In what appears to be a laid-back pub environment, Mollie was smiling by his side. Alex was wearing a shirt, and Mollie’s blonde hair was hanging loosely over her shoulders.

“We do be looking cute still even at the end of the night,” Alex said as the caption for the adorable photo.

Later, the couple went to the beach for a romantic photo shoot, in which Alex lifted Mollie into his arms against the backdrop of the setting sun and gave her a tender kiss.

He was standing barefoot in the water with Mollie wrapped about him, dressed in a blue and white two-piece crop top and shorts, with an open linen shirt.

Along with the pictures, Mollie wrote: “Our first night in Spain. We were told that beach photos look amazing!

The cute photos instantly drew the attention of fans and co-stars, with Jacob Hay actor Jack James Ryan writing: “You guys!”

Another admirer exclaimed, “Sooo cute!”

“Aww, what a cute couple and what lovely pictures! I hope you lovebirds have the finest trip to Spain! Sending a lot of love,” added a third.

The world’s ideal couple, as someone else put it:

The couple’s flight on Ryanair was first delayed at the airport, so getting to the continent wasn’t the smoothest experience.

Despite a few delays, they eventually made it to Reus, where Alex shattered his ankle the day before his previous vacation.

Alex visited the fracture clinic for his injured ankle while wearing a medical boot, updating his supporters at the time: “Update on the ankle.

I’m having a check-up and X-Ray at the fracture clinic to see how it’s doing. I’ll keep everyone informed!

Then he said to his followers, “Quick update one more! I have to return in four weeks to have it checked again, but they are happy with my development, so everything is good!

“Guys, you should be well enough soon! I appreciate all of your support and love.”

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