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Coronation Street’s Sharon Plans Sam’s kidnapping

Sharon’s has captured little Sam.

Sharon appears to be willing to go to any length in her pursuit of Leanne, Nick, and Simon, and this week she devises a fresh scheme to entice the family out of hiding. She sets the wheels in action by requesting Dev to share a bottle of wine with her after deciding to contact Simon via Aadi’s game console.

Sharon claims the next morning that she misplaced an earring the night before at Dev. Dev is delighted to hand up the keys to his home, having been flattered by her attentions. Sharon locates Aadi’s console while inside Number 7 and covertly sends Simon a message inquiring about his location.

When Dev returns unexpectedly, Sharon is worried that her message will be read, so she pulls a fast one and convinces the father to confiscate his son’s console since his game selection is too violent.

Sharon’s attempt to contact Simon is unsuccessful, but she immediately comes up with a new plan when she learns that young Sam is planning a tea date with Gail on the cobbles.

Sharon delivers the photo to Harvey’s sidekick Noddy, who later kidnaps Sam and drives away in his van with him.

When word of Sam’s kidnapping reaches Nick and Leanne in the hideaway, they must decide whether to jeopardize their own safety to save Sam’s.

Coronation Street (Friday at 7.30 pm on ITV)

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