Coronation Street’s secret twins celebrate their birthday by filming on the cobbles

William and Isabella Flanagan, the hidden twins from Coronation Street, recently celebrated their birthday on set.

On Wednesday, the twins, who play cousins Joseph Brown and Hope Stape in the ITV serial, celebrated their 11th birthday.

Chris Flanagan, their father, celebrated his birthday with a nice Instagram post.

Chris tweeted a photo of William and Isabella filming on the cobblestones while wearing their ITV cast coats on Twitter on Wednesday.

He expressed himself as follows: “Today is the 11th birthday of these tiny legends!

“It’s been a long week, but we’re going to celebrate tonight!!””

Fans were eager to respond with their own well-wishes in response to the message.

“Have been loving the scene’s with them both together in @itvcorrie this week fantastic little actors happy birthday both,” one user said.

A second person added: “Wow, I just learned something useful for the day about how talented your lovely children are… I had no idea they were connected.

“Wishing you both a very happy 11th birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day.””

Another person added: “Best wishes on your special day. I’m like the current storyline since it allows them to shine!”

A fourth person said on Twitter: “To both of you, a very happy 11th birthday.

“You have incredible and talented children, and you must be so proud of all three of them x.”

The twins are Amelia Flanagan’s younger siblings, who play April Windsor in Emmerdale.

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