Coronation Street’s Sarah Barlow to be caught out in affair storyline

As Dee-Dee Bailey discusses her hidden relationship with Damon Hay tonight (April 12), Sarah Barlow of Coronation Street finds herself in a sticky position.

In a hotel room earlier this week, Sarah had an affair with the bad guy Damon, betraying her husband Adam.

All indications pointed to Damon being imprisoned for his most recent drug offenses, so Sarah anticipated her hookup with him to be a one-off.

Dee-Dee and Adam, who are both working on Damon’s case, later discovered information that would allow him to avoid prosecution.

In the episode airing on Wednesday, Adam and Dee-Dee’s last-minute discovery results in Damon’s exoneration, shocking Sarah.

Damon assures Sarah that he has no desire to interfere with her marriage and that he will keep their relationship private.

Sadly, it appears that damage has already been done when a wary Dee-Dee questions Sarah about her relationship with Damon.

Will Dee-Dee remain silent as Sarah swears to concentrate on Adam and even offers that perhaps now is the time to try for another baby?

There is a lot of sexual tension between Damon and Sarah, as Ciarán Griffiths, who plays Damon, recently explained: “She thinks’sack it’ since she doesn’t think there can be any consequences if he’s moving away.

The following day, lo and behold, he gets away with it, and he is back on the streets.

In response to the question of how Dee-Dee learned the truth, Ciarán added: “Dee-Dee notices something is wrong and confronts Sarah.

Damon notices this and contacts Dee-Dee to make sure she won’t inform Adam.

It’s a little bit harsh on Adam. Adam is unaware that Sarah and Damon have done this, and Dee-Dee and the others are aware that she is aware.

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