Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor to declare his love for Alya Nazir

In upcoming Coronation Street scenes, recovering Ryan Connor will confess his love for his ex-girlfriend Alya Nazir.

After receiving the full brunt of Justin Rutherford’s attempted acid assault on Daisy Midgeley, Ryan has been struggling to cope with his permanent injuries in recent episodes.

Ryan suffers a further setback when Daisy calls to inform him that Justin has chosen to enter a not-guilty plea in court, which means that his case will go to trial. Ryan is devastated by the news and confides in Alya that he is dreading going through the whole thing again.

Ryan professes his love for Alya when she gives him the assurance that she will stand by him in all circumstances.

Later, Daisy visits the hospital with DJ Crystal (who has recently developed feelings for Ryan) in an effort to cheer him up by discussing gigs and Ibiza.

After the visit, he tells her that it gave him more confidence, and he thanks Daisy for bringing Crystal over.

Daisy subsequently admits to Daniel that she is unable to inform Ryan that Crystal wants nothing further to do with him.

Will Ryan and Alya’s relationship blossom once more, leading to their reconciliation?

Ryan actor Ryan Prescott addressed the attack’s long-term effects on his character in a media interview.

It will alter the way he interacts with the world, which will alter his life forever, he claimed.

“Showing some kind of reality of the longevity of what it means to be an acid attack survivor” within the constraints of a soap opera is tough.

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