Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor ‘completely heartbroken’ as X-rated plot begins

The start of Ryan Connor’s new X-rated narrative will leave him “completely heartbroken,” according to the actor.

The Ryan Prescott-played fan favourite from the serial opera has recently had difficulties.

He had suffered an acid attack, leaving him with disfiguring face scars that made him feel insecure.

However, the heads of Coronation Street have planned a brand-new plot for the hottie.

Underworld’s Carla Connor posted a toned image of his body online, and it quickly gained popularity.

As a result, Ryan decided to enter the world of influencers and started his own fitness social media account.

But as his need for money increases, viewers will witness Ryan visit X-rated media websites.

He registers with the fictitious pornographic photo sharing website O-Vidz and begins posting pictures of himself without a top.

However, it is unclear what the character will do when Guy offers Ryan £100 in exchange for photos of his naked body, including his face.

Prescott added of Ryan’s current problems: “To be honest, he’s utterly heartbroken.

He no longer has Daisy, Peter and Carla don’t really want him living with them after his previous actions, and his mother is not present.

He said, “He avoids social situations a lot, spends a lot of time by himself, on his phone, and on the web.

“I believe that he is slipping farther and deeper into his denial stage of illusion. He keeps attempting to reach out and maintain his relationships because the more lonely he feels.

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