Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor arrested tonight as actor Ryan Prescott ‘set for exit’

As his involvement in the heist is identified, Ryan Connor will be taken into custody tonight on Coronation Street.

On Monday night, viewers watched as Ryan, as portrayed by Ryan Prescott, consented to work with Debbie Webster on an insurance scam.

He planned to stage a phony heist and use the payment Debbie would give him to fly back to Ibiza and purchase stock in a company.

Ed, however, discloses that the Bistro CCTV has a backup circuit and won’t have been impacted by the power outage, so he is caught off guard this evening

Leanne, Nick, Debbie, and Ronnie assemble to watch as Craig hits play on the CCTV and discover that Ryan is the real culprit who has been detained on suspicion of stealing.

Assuming that more than just Ryan was responsible for the crime, Ronnie accuses Debbie of planning an insurance scam. Will he trust Debbie when she denies it?

Later, Ryan calls Debbie from the station and threatens to drop her in the police interrogation.

How will she respond?

As his character is about to spend time in jail, it appears that actor Ryan will leave the serial opera.

Ryan is charged the following week and instructed to appear in court the following day, and Craig affirms that the CCTV film is strong evidence against him.

Debbie then rejects Ryan’s suggestion that they fabricate CCTV evidence of a masked gunman compelling him to loot the café.

Ryan gets caught by Ronnie in the Bistro attempting to fix the camera by himself, and Ronnie tells him to accept his penalty.

Ronnie stands by Ryan’s side as he makes a guilty plea in the magistrates’ court on Wednesday.

The district judge has accepted his plea, and now he is awaiting sentencing.

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