Coronation Street’s Rob Mallard shares secret over Daniel and Daisy scenes

Rob Mallard has been at the center of many dramatic and moving tales throughout his time on Coronation Street, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that he occasionally feels the need to lighten the mood on set.

On the ITV soap, the actor who plays Daniel Osbourne admitted that he enjoys the occasional practical joke during filming, and Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy Midgeley, has recently been the target of one.

“Everyone’s really childish, well, childlike, there’s a difference between childish and childlike!” Mallard explained to OK!

“Everyone is so innocent. Charlie will find a ton of really obnoxious, childish notes that I leave on the set when the scene is in progress.

So, if I know that she needs to use a prop, I’ll hide a crude letter in the tea urn or something similar so she discovers it during the take. She has to maintain her composure during all of that.

To see if we may catch one of his notes being discovered, keep a close eye on any upcoming sequences involving Daniel and Daisy.

Regarding Daniel’s romantic history, many people will always associate him with Katie McGlynn’s Sinead.

Mallard and McGlynn’s productive on-screen collaboration came to a stop when Sinead died away in 2019. But away from the camera, the performers are still great friends, and they recently reconnected at an awards event.

When posting a picture of herself and her widower together, Katie jokingly wrote on Instagram that it was “always nice bumping into your widower at an awards ceremony.”

Kimberly Hart-Simpson, who played Nicky Wheatley in Daniel’s other recent love interest, recently confirmed that she had completed her most recent run in the role. Wheatley recently left Weatherfield.

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