Coronation Street’s Rita and Mavis enjoy surprise reunion

Legendary cast members of Coronation Street Barbara Knox and Thelma Barlow recently got together unexpectedly.

Rita Tanner and Mavis Wilton, as they are known to fans, made an appearance at the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park yesterday (July 19), where Barbara received the honor of having a rose named after her, Gracious Lady.

Mavis worked for Rita’s boss at The Kabin, and the two were well known for their on-screen appearances together in the soap opera. Barbara continues to be a mainstay on the cobblestones although Thelma left the post in 1997.

The naming of a rose after Barbara had her exclaim, “I’m so thrilled and delighted,” according to ITV News. “Sometimes you get presents, and they’re lovely, but I’ll keep this one for a very long time,” the recipient said. It makes me happy, in fact. The color is gorgeous.

It needs to be honored, Thelma insisted. Few people have the ability to do it and have really done it. I believe everyone should be congratulated.

“We worked happily for 25 years,” Barbara continued. “Never used foul language. We had a wonderful, wonderful connection. Moreover, we still do.

Upon their reunion, the couple was also seen catching up and laughing together.

Thelma asserted that there wasn’t “much to laugh at now” in Coronation Street’s tales back in the year 2020.

She said on the Distinct Nostalgia podcast, “I think the Street had this amazing element of humor, the comedic characters, when I was in it. “I no longer routinely watch it. I periodically peek, but there isn’t much to chuckle at right now. I consider that unfortunate.

“We used to get scripts where you would chat about very unimportant, non-plot-related topics, but they could be so humorous and true. It was casual discussion without much drama or depth to it.

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