Coronation Street’s ‘real murderer’ exposed as fans rumble key Stu Carpenter twist

Yasmeen Metcalfe’s boyfriend Stu Carpenter was distraught when his murderous background was revealed in last week’s episodes of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

Speed Daal was upset about his true identity as Stu’s ex-wife Lucy, who was furious that Stu killed Charlie Walter after they had an affair, arrived on the scene.

Though Stu seemed to confess, supporters believe they have identified the real murderer, who is not Stu at all.

Instead, astute observers believe that Stu is hiding the truth in order to shield his daughter Bridget, who is actually the real murderer.

It has been made known that Bridget is the grandmother of Stu, which may be a clue as to why he has kept her a secret for so long if he wanted her to have a stable home life.

Since the two have the same DNA, it seems sense that Stu’s was discovered there.

One fan tweeted, “Our working #Corrie theory is the Stu’s daughter killed that girl and he took the blame for it to protect her,” in reference to the show.

“I assume Stu thought his daughter confessed to the murder in order to save her,” said the author. Does he still believe it if it’s true? Another person pondered.

Someone else said, “I bet Stu’s daughter killed the girl and he is covering for her, that’s why his DNA was detected at the scene.”

“I assume Stu’s daughter either killed the girl or Stu thinks she did and that’s why he confessed,” a fourth wrote.

Another person added: “Prediction: What if Stu’s daughter actually learned of his purported affair and turned out to be the one who killed his mistresses.

“Stu found out, taking the fall as any parent would, right?” It makes some logic, no? After Geoff, I just can’t bear to think of Stu as a horrible guy too!

It might not be so simple, though, as his ex-wife Lucy’s name has also been mentioned.

One Twitter user made the following assumption: “Perhaps Stu’s ex killed the girl. In order to keep them apart and prevent them from learning the truth, he believes it was his daughter, she believes it was him, and her mother is delighted to let her believe it was him.

“Stu’s former wife or daughter found out about the affair and one of them killed the girl and he knows it so admitted to the crime to protect them,” another person said.

That would make even more sense if Stu had been having an affair with Charlie and Lucy found out about it, causing her to become enraged with jealousy.

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