Coronation Street’s Paul Foreman suffers another nasty fall

After learning the truth about his mother Bernie Winter’s covert agreement with his friend Shelly Rossington, Paul Foreman of Coronation Street will suffer another setback the following week.

Paul receives a letter offering him a meeting with a palliative nurse to help him manage his Motor Neurone Disease (MND) symptoms in scenes that would appear on ITV the following week.

Billy Mayhew, Paul’s fiance, thinks that Paul isn’t being honest about how he actually feels as he attempts to make light of things.

Paul learns just how sick Shelly has become when they talk about the appointment with his new buddy Shelly, whom he met over the summer at a support group for MND sufferers.

Later on in the week, Paul has trouble walking. Billy offers that he try using a wheelchair that he has found, but Paul declines.

Later, Paul notices Bertie Osbourne holding a new tablet and gets worried. Shortly after, he discovers Bernie going through a stack of devices that were sent to Shelly.

Bernie informs Paul that she is now a part of Shelly’s electronics fraud, which she is carrying out in order to pay for her caregivers. Bernie contends that she is merely looking to acquire some more money so that she may assist Paul in purchasing whatever he requires to maintain him as his condition worsens.

Later, Paul divulges all to Billy. While he appreciates Bernie’s good intentions, he still plans to speak with Shelly and urge her to halt the con.

Paul experiences a severe fall and is unable to get up as he travels to Shelly’s house. He screams for aid, but no one else is nearby to respond.

Paul continues to battle with his declining mobility, and Peter Ash was seen filming these poignant sequences on location in July.

Billy was upset when Paul stunned him by saying that he would like assistance in taking his own life at a later time earlier this summer.

The actor who portrays Billy, Daniel Brocklebank, said: “Billy is completely horrified. Due to the fact that his duty as an archdeacon is very much focused on celebrating the life that they still have left rather than ending it, in addition to going against his own personal moral stand.

He prefers that they spend more time together rather than less. He finds it incredibly horrifying that Paul is even thinking about it.

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