Coronation Street’s Paul Foreman dealt crushing health blow after crash

Despite their differences, the three have consistently stood with Summer Spellman (portrayed by Harriet Bibby) and have never attempted to make their relationship more complicated.

Nevertheless, after realizing his feelings for Paul (Peter Ash) were still present, Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) decided to give their relationship another shot.

According to confirmed Coronation Street spoilers, the couple decides to try again, but Paul’s health concerns may stand in their way.

Later on, despite the agony in his leg, Paul joins Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) in the kitchen and confesses that Billy kissed him. But, he says that he can’t afford to be involved with Billy again since there are too many issues.

Todd advises Paul to tell Billy the truth about the attack on Mike since it might improve their romantic feelings for one another.

Billy and Paul tell Todd that the pair is back together after a fruitful talk between them.

Billy and Dee-Dee are having a conversation at the bar at the Rovers when they fail to spot Paul struggling to pick up his darts.

When Billy and Paul later pay a visit to Gemma, she is devastated to learn that her gas bill was revised and now totals £4,000.

Billy gives Paul a worried look before Paul, being the kind big brother that he is, pledges to help her work it out.

Back at the apartment, the pair is spending the evening alone together. Yet, while Billy is out, Paul is having difficulty holding a drink with his right hand while trying to mask his concern.

Is Paul concealing more about his wounds than there may be?

Will Paul open up to Billy about the challenges he is presently facing, or will his failing health force a quick end to their budding romance?

Billy and Paul were rekindling their romance in the episode that aired on Wednesday night.

Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby), who was waiting for Paul at the tram stop, shared some exciting news: “I received a conditional offer from Manchester university this morning!”

Paul showed his joy for Summer as follows: “Seriously? That is wonderful; come on over because I’m ready for you.”

She left, and Billy said: “I am relieved to have run into you because it has been a while. Why don’t we go out tonight, I tell you? Unless you’re busy, that is…”

Paul was thrilled to have some time to himself with Billy and responded, “No, not at all, that would be terrific.”

When Billy walked in the door later, Paul’s face brightened up as he was sitting with Dee-Dee in the Rovers.

Dee-Dee mocked him, observing his upbeat demeanor, “So that’s why you were distracted, scared he had stood you up.”

Todd interrupted Summer and Dee-Dee as they left the pair to their own devices with some flowers for Summer and an offer to bring the beverages.

Billy scowled: “He is a well-dressed individual. He shoved Mike, so I learnt not to expect too much from him.

Paul felt bad because he said, “We were intended to be soothing the situation, not pouring petrol into it, just can’t help himself.”

Returning to the apartment with Dee-Dee, Paul explained: “I couldn’t say no when Bily proposed we go out for a drink.

“You weren’t required to go. Todd lost his balance, and I was revealed to be the third wheel. Todd is a finer human being than Billy is aware of. Let’s just say that Billy and I are happier together.”

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