Coronation Street’s Millie Gibson teases Gary will go ‘full Liam Neeson’ to save Kelly

Millie Gibson, who plays Kelly Neelan on Coronation Street, has hinted that Gary Windass might go to great lengths to save her.

In the ITV studio on Wednesday morning, Millie, who just turned 18, joined Lorraine Kelly to discuss all things Corrie.

After being abducted by Rick Neelan, a former foe of her father’s, her character Kelly is currently holed up in a basement.

Gary, however, is aware of what is happening as a result of learning Kelly did not spend the night with Aadi Alahan.

I have a feeling Gary is going to act like Liam Neeson in Taken, don’t you think? Lorraine asked Millie as they watched a clip of Gary accepting a threatening phone call from Kelly’s captor.

It’s precisely that, isn’t it? Millie agreed and remarked.

Because Kelly has always viewed him as the person she can trust, almost as a father figure, it’s difficult for her to see him in that perspective.

She joked, “I think it’s going to be hard for her to see that redness take over him when he breaks through.”

“Yeah, and the thing is, he’s really, really protective of her. She is so guarded over her,” Lorraine responded.

Earlier in the conversation, Millie exclaimed her admiration for the actress Jodie Comer.

Is there anyone you really think to yourself, “That’s the sort of career I would like,” as a young actress with everything ahead of you?

I adore Jodie Comer, Millie retorted immediately. Jodie Comer is my obsession. She does amazing work, and I find her career path to be very idealistic.

Millie concurred with Lorraine when she said that being on Corrie is like “going to university for acting” and added, “I have such respect for soap actors because I don’t think people realize how little time we have to prepare for these big storylines all of a sudden.

Millie continued, “So yeah, it’s been such an amazing learning experience, you learn every day.”

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