Coronation Street’s Max Turner left furious over David discovery

Max Turner from Coronation Street will become upset when he learns something about David Platt that makes him feel like his trust has been compromised.

Max (Paddy Bever) was given a six-month term in February for supporting terrorism after making racist videos after being radicalized by Griff’s right-wing gang. Max is still completing his sentence at the Secure Training Center.

Max recently made an appearance on our screens when his father David (Jack P. Shepherd) paid him a visit at the STC and when he reconnected with his former teacher Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), with whom he has, to put it mildly, had a very tumultuous relationship.

When a fight broke out between a few of the kids, Max pounced on the chance to steal Daniel’s phone, then used it in an unexpected way to film a sincere video message for Daniel outlining how much he is struggling right now.

In The Rovers, when David saw Daniel watching the moving film, Daniel begged David not to tell Max that he had also seen it. He was afraid that Max would think that Daniel had betrayed his trust by showing Max the message.

But in scenes that will appear the following week, David will reveal the trap when he sees Max at the STC and starts questioning him carefully about his mental health.

Max quickly realizes that David has been speaking to Daniel, and when David confirms that he has seen Max’s moving film, Max is enraged beyond anything.

David confides in Daniel back at No. 8 that he is truly worried about Max, which offers Daniel a thought.

Daniel gives Max his phone when they return to the STC and informs him that David has left him a message. Max eventually makes the decision to hear David’s message.

The following time Max visits Daniel, he confesses to having watched David’s video but not having prepared a response for him.

Will he be able to express his feelings to David in any way, or is their tense bond permanently ruined?

Recently, Max’s actor Paddy Bever said that Max’s current state is “the lowest point” at which we have seen him, which is why he chose to confide in Daniel.

Max hasn’t had a pleasant life, and right now he’s in a cell with nothing to do, thinking about all the things he’s done wrong and what’s happened to him, the speaker continued.

“He questions why he should go on. He exhibits feelings of helplessness and is in a great deal of agony.

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