Coronation Street’s Lisa George on whether Beth and Kirk are over

Kirk Sutherland on Coronation Street may soon experience some heartache as a result of Beth’s visits with her ex-boyfriend.

The Lisa George-played character recently went on a trip down memory lane with her ex-boyfriend Marco in the ITV soap opera. Although nothing has occurred, she decided to keep it a secret from Kirk (Andy Whyment), and things started to go out of hand after that.

The main issue in this situation, George informed the media, is that she clearly lied to Kirk.

Since everything happened so quickly, she doesn’t want to hurt Kirk by telling him she has been seeing her ex-boyfriend and lying to him about her whereabouts. However, there is nothing going on with Marco. The biggest error she has made is that.

Although it soon becomes apparent that Marco wants more than just a casual meet-up and is eager to rekindle their romance, George claimed that Beth is “flattered” and enjoying Marco’s attentions.

Additionally, Beth received a reality check when she discovered that Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) had met Jackson Hodge (Joseph Evans) behind Craig Tinker’s back and was treating him the same way. Beth, who genuinely cares about her son, conceals Faye’s secret out of concern that she could be found out.

The Coronation Street star claimed, “She believes she can handle it, that she has the situation under control, and that there is no harm in it.”

“With all of the stresses of day-to-day life, it can be refreshing to think back on how you used to be. She experiences that with Marco; she feels youthful once more. It is a little exciting,” she added.

Despite her best efforts, Beth chooses to visit Marco once more. She pushes him away when he moves in for a kiss but is unaware that she is being observed.

As he approaches her for a kiss, he obviously believes that she shares his sentiments.

She stated that “she is really flustered and tells him straight away that she is married to Kirk and this isn’t something that she wants — but she is unaware that she has been seen by someone,” and that it is “only a matter of time” until Kirk finds out.

Will the relationship recover from this betrayal?

Beth will want to fight with everything she has because Kirk means the world to her, the actress continued.

I believe they can overcome this, but it might take some time for Kirk to trust her once more. Despite this, Kirk will be severely injured, and she is aware of her error.

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