Coronation Street’s Leanne issues warning to Spider as he leads Toyah astray

Next Spider Nugent’s return to Weatherfield, Leanne Battersby from Coronation Street will have to intervene the following week and warn him.

After being detained during a protest, Spider’s ex Toyah Habeeb decides to meet him at the police station, and viewers will witness how that ends up with them in bed this week. Spider moves in to kiss Toyah, and she returns the favor by letting him follow her into the bedroom. Later on though, Toyah is overcome with guilt and requests that Spider leave.

According to recent ITV spoilers, Spider will feel nervous the following Monday when Toyah is introduced to fellow protester Griff, which prompts Toyah to invite herself to their demonstration.

Spider tries to persuade Toyah that Griff is a loose cannon and that she should avoid him while she is still out on bail after she returns from the protest.

Leanne becomes enraged at this and accuses Spider of guiding Toyah astray because she believes calamity is imminent.

Leanne may be reacting too strongly. Or are her suspicions about Toyah’s ex-boyfriend valid?

Her meddling follows the revelation that Spider would be seen this week making a covert phone call and telling the person on the other end of the line that he can’t wait to get back. What is he concealing?

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