Coronation Street’s Lauren Bolton shares upsetting past with Max Turner

In Coronation Street, Lauren Bolton has spoken candidly about her tragic history.

Lauren tried to make a move on Roy earlier this week when he hired her for the café, but he turned her down. After Roy clarified that he wouldn’t do anything of the sort, a heartbroken Lauren fled.

When Lauren failed to show up for her most recent shift at the café, Roy and Shona became concerned for her well-being in the episode airing on Wednesday, August 16.

Roy told Shona, who was perplexed, “I had hoped she had turned up at your house last night.”

Later on, Lauren did visit Shona and David’s apartment, where she made an effort to explain the error of her ways with Roy.

She said to Shona and Max, “I thought all blokes were the same when it came to sex.

Lauren declared that she would leave Weatherfield without “stressing” about Roy after learning that he was fine.

You don’t have to go, you know. I often do weird stuff, Shona reassured her.

When they were by themselves, Max questioned Lauren in confidence if he was to fault for his decision to not pursue her again.

She somberly told him, “A guy does something wonderful for me and I offer to return the favor.

“I’ve done it before, you know,” Lauren said to Max. There is a transaction.

Lauren stole the key to the salon as she started to collect her belongings. Lauren informed Roy shortly after that she would be departing, and he offered to keep her spot on the café rota.

Lauren ultimately decided against leaving and left Roy a voicemail inquiring as to if the employment offer was still valid. Using the stolen key, she then sneaked away and entered the salon.

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