Coronation Street’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson on new role away from Nicky Wheatley

ITV will continue to air Coronation Street, and Nicky Wheatley bid her farewells in July 2022. She left Weatherfield after being jailed and boarding Peter Barlow’s (Chris Gascoyne) cab after appearing in more than 50 episodes. Since then, actress Kimberly has devoted her time to a crucial cause.

In June 2020, Nicky Wheatley and Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) first met during a lawyers’ happy hour at the Waterway hotel.

They clicked right away, but she later disclosed her true origins.

After getting over his first shock, Daniel made the decision to visit Nicky again and told her about his earlier loss.

She and Peter had a conversation about how society “tramples over the little man” just before she left.

Kimberly has since talked to the media about her activities since leaving the soap opera.

She has been demonstrating her support for the Direct Line campaign #backupyouneed, which emphasizes the significance of friendship and assistance when it is most required.

On August 30, a unique experience was held in London, where participants were asked to provide information on their acquaintances.

If they answered too many questions incorrectly, they were dropped 20 feet into the River Thames.

Kimberly explained what brought her to the campaign as follows: “20ft dunking machine is totally up my street. I am a born adrenaline junkie who gets a rush out of danger.

“My insurance is provided by Direct Line, thus it made sense to entrust them with my life.

With that said, “Let’s hope I get the backup I need. My understanding of Jake Quickenden will determine if I get dunked.”

The 35-year-old actress spoke candidly about the significance of such a campaign in the present.

She uttered: “Realistically, I’ve probably used Facetime to communicate with my pals more frequently in recent years, therefore I believe this may be helpful with today’s assignment.

This is a great opportunity to gauge our level of familiarity with one another and identify our strengths and weaknesses.

She continued by describing a time when a buddy really came through for her: “Numerous times, but most recently I took care of my mother for a while.

“My favorite chicken pie was brought over by my best friend Jessica Ellis, an actress, so I wouldn’t have to prepare food for my mother and I.

Small acts of kindness like that make the biggest impressions.

Regarding her acting career’s future plans, she stated that she has “something in the pipeline that I start very, very soon.”

She regrettably couldn’t provide more precise information at this time.

She also mentioned that she would one day make a comeback to Weatherfield on Coronation Street as Nicky.

Regarding the possibility of her spectacular entrance, she stated: “I don’t believe a grand re-entry would be appropriate because technically she is still skulking around the neighborhood.

“However, in my opinion, nothing beats a good Corrie fight, so perhaps she crosses paths with one of the characters.

“Nicky likes to throw shoes at people, so maybe that’s her thing,” someone said.

At the Millwall Docklands, where the Direct Line experience was held, there was a chance to win a luxury holiday gift card worth £5,000.

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