Coronation Street’s Kelly Neelan star quits ITV soap after three years

Three years ago, Millie Gibson, a star of Coronation Street, made her ITV soap opera debut.

Since appearing on television, Kelly Neelan, the character she plays, has been homeless, orphaned, and most recently kidnapped. She has also been involved in a murder trial.

The 18-year-old is reportedly leaving the soap opera later this year in a “explosive” storyline.

A popular favorite on the show is Millie, who earlier this year took home a British Soap Award for Best Young Performer.

The Sun, however, claims that Kelly might die this fall in tense moments.

When Kelly discovers that Gary Windass killed her loanshark father Rick Neelan, will she finally decide to leave Weatherfield?

Fans of the ITV soap opera will recall that Gary let Kelly’s dying mother Laura Neelan claim responsibility for the crime.

It is thought that Millie might leave the long-running soap opera as a result of the heated scenes.

Kelly’s character witnessed the brutal side of her surrogate father Gary as he fought her kidnappers off when she was being held captive by her late father’s goons.

Three years ago, Gary killed Rick in self-defense, and he is now desperately trying to keep Kelly from finding out.

However, it seems as though the revelation of the secret is imminent.

Last month, Millie explained to the media why Kelly is so adamant about making up for her father’s transgressions.

She remarked: “I think she wants to do anything she can to save her dad’s work.

“She regularly referred to the money as “filthy blood money” when it was given to her by him.

“Consequently, I believe it is her means of making up for all the wrongs her dad did.

She always believes in second chances, so even though I know it won’t help those who have lost their chance, it might help those who still have a chance.

She is attempting to salvage it in whatever way possible, the actress continued.

She was also described as as stubborn by Millie, who continued, “I suppose that’s another quality she developed from her parents and dad.

She believes she is correct in this. She is adamant about doing what she believes is best.

“When Gary says “No,” she responds, “No, no, trust me.” I am aware of what I’m doing.”

Kelly would seek retribution if she ever knew the truth about Rick’s passing, the actress has previously stated.

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