Coronation Street’s Kelly Neelan in grave danger as she ‘fears for her life’

This week, Kelly Neelan will face horrifying danger as she tries to make up for her father’s mistakes on Coronation Street.

Since Kelly’s character, Millie Gibson, learned that her father, Rick Neelan, had passed dead as a result of Gary Windass’s (Mikey North), murder, major scenes for Kelly have been aired on the ITV serial opera.

Kelly, whose mother had also passed away, received a sizable inheritance from her father, but after learning that it was all the result of his wrongdoings, she has made it her mission to repay all who were wronged by her father.

She is currently confined in a dark cellar, which puts her in a tough situation.

In the episodes that will air on Friday night (July 15), Kelly will be abducted by Kieron, a former customer of her father, after she tries to locate him to return the money.

She wants to help his former enemies by returning part of the money she’s recovered to them, but Gary is furious.

Given how dangerous her dad’s buddies are, he cautions Kelly against doing so, but she refuses to heed his advice and plunges headfirst into Weatherfield’s criminal underground, where she meets one of them.

Kelly is kidnapped and imprisoned after a heated altercation with Kieron, and she begins to question whether this is it for her.

Kelly, who is portrayed by Millie Gibson, is upset. She feels as like she has reached her lowest point each time she finds herself in one of these situations, but another one soon arises, continuing the vicious cycle of unfavorable circumstances for her.

Kelly is afraid for her life because she is fearful of what her father’s enemies would do because she is aware of what her father was capable of.

bold personality Kelly took her own advise, and as a result, she is now in terrible peril.

Will she survive, and if so, what comes next for the adolescent? Do the former customers of her father have unfinished business?

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