Coronation Street’s Kelly Neelan ‘broken’ as exit nears but fans baffled by blunder

Fans of Coronation Street were perplexed by a mistake as Kelly Neelan’s farewell from the show drew closer.

The character’s leave narrative was still being explored in Sunday’s episode of the long-running soap opera. Millie Gibson, who plays the part, indicated that Kelly’s tumultuous stay on the Cobbles will shortly come to an end.

As she posted pictures from her farewell party with her co-stars last month, Millie has already finished filming her last few scenes. Iain MacLeod, the producer of the soap opera, has announced that Kelly’s departure will be commemorated by a grand stunt that will air during a Super September week.

The scene will also feature Gary Windass, Kelly’s father Rick’s killer. When she was close to passing away, Kelly’s mother said she was responsible for Rick’s murder.

But when Kelly discovered her late mother’s camera on tonight’s episode, everything in her world was turned upside down. Dated images showed she was on vacation the day Rick was killed, ruling her out as the murderer.

Kelly was “broken” by the discovery, according to Sharon, Rick’s longtime sidekick who made a comeback for tonight’s episode. She refused to continue telling the deception and eventually admitted that Gary was the real murderer.

The revelation, however, diverted those watching the event on Twitter since they were perplexed as to how Kelly was able to use her mother’s camera so long after she last did.

Yes, the battery won’t have died, remarked Dan.

“That camera has an incredible battery,” Karen continued.

Someone must have charged the batteries for that camera, wrote Stuart.

CorriePodcast left a comment “I’m really loving this episode, so I don’t have anything to say about Laura’s Camera and its Incredibly Long-Lasting Battery at the moment. perhaps later”

As if the battery on that camera would still be charged and nobody has used a small camera in roughly ten years, said @MissLMunster in a tweet.

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