Coronation Street’s Kelly learns Gary’s killer secret before Millie Gibson exit

Kelly Neelan, played by Millie Gibson, has learned the truth about her dead father just in time for her departure from Coronation Street.

Kelly was made to believe that her dying mother, Laura (Kel Allen), killed her father, Rick (Greg Wood), and that she learned of it as her mother lay dying.

However, viewers at home have long known that Kelly’s caretaker, Gary (Mikey North), who killed the teen’s father in 2019, is Rick’s killer.

The long-kept secret was finally revealed to Kelly when she was given a bag containing her late mother’s possessions, and everything came to a climax on the ITV cobblestones.

A digital camera that had been given to her included pictures of her mother’s vacation in Spain three years prior.

Kelly discovered something as she scrolled through the pictures that made her doubt everything.

Kelly came to the startling realization that her mother was in Spain on the day that she allegedly killed Rick when peering into a glam selfie of her in the camera’s viewfinder.

Kelly showed Gary what she had discovered while still being unaware that Gary was the actual murderer, but he persuaded her to put the past behind her until one of her dad’s old friends forced her to reconsider.

The teenager was then informed by her dad’s friend Sharon that Gary was the one who killed her father and covered it up.

Kelly was shocked and upset when she revealed that he had forced her mother, who was dying, to claim that she had killed Rick.

Kelly looked to hold the new information she had learnt close to her chest as she continued reasonably normally as she dried her eyes and made her way home.

All of this happens before Kelly makes her shocking farewell, but will the revelation she made have any bearing on her moving closing scenes? Time will only tell.

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