Coronation Street’s Kelly in serious car crash after unexpected proposal from Aadi

When Kelly Neelan crashes Aadi Alahan’s new automobile next week, she could end up with catastrophic injuries.

According to recent ITV spoilers, after Kelly (Millie Gibson) and Aadi (Adam Hussain) pretend to be married, things will take a drastic turn for Kelly.

Ellie from the Gazette arrives at the bistro with some flyers advertising a competition to “Win a Dream Wedding,” which prompts Kelly to assume that she and Aadi are arranging a wedding.

Aadi is reassured by Kelly that they won’t be married but will instead just spend the free vacation together. A few days later, Kelly informs Aadi that they must participate in a Mr. & Mrs. quiz as a requirement for qualification.

Kelly and Aadi end up admitting that they had never had a sexual relationship as a result of their reciprocal probing questioning. Aadi takes a gamble and leans in for a kiss, and they enjoy having their first sex.

Later, Aadi surprises Kelly with his mother’s engagement ring, leaving her speechless. On Friday, Kelly, Aadi, and Ellie get together in a hotel bar to participate in the Mr. & Mrs. Quiz.

The couple misanswers the questions, but Ellie believes the readers will adore them when Aadi discloses that they belong together. Once again out on the street, Asha notices Kelly’s engagement ring as Aadi declares his success in passing his driving test.

His father Dev is overjoyed and hands him the car keys, but Asha decides to confront Aadi about Kelly’s new accessory. While acknowledging that it is their mother’s ring, Aadi reassures Asha that he and Kelly aren’t actually engaged and are merely pretending to be so in order to win a vacation.

However, Kelly overhears his remark and ultimately decides to toss the diamond ring at him before accelerating off in his brand-new automobile. Aadi attempts to stop Asha by using her old princess bike, but when he comes upon his automobile colliding with a bollard, he becomes fearful for his safety.

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