Coronation Street’s Jude Riordan declares Britain’s Got Talent star as ‘best mate’

Jude Riordan of Coronation Street delighted viewers when he referred to a Britain’s Got Talent contestant as his “best buddy.”

The 11-year-stirring old’s performances as Sam Blakeman in the venerable soap opera have astounded spectators. Jude’s mother frequently updates his 70.8k Instagram followers with news from his exciting life as he carves up an impressive Hollywood career.

Jude, who is from St Helens, recently attended a celebrity bowling tournament that was attended by a host of A-listers. Jamie Leahey, a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, was also present, and the two gifted kids finally got to meet.

Jude posted photos of the two of them together and referred to them as her new “best pals.” He stated: “The photo dump for today is What an AMAZING day! got to finally meet @jamieleahey01 and Chuck.”

Jude also posted a photo of himself with Peter Reid, a former Everton FC player. Added him: “Had a great day hanging out with my friends, family, and celebrities, as well as getting a picture with Peter Reid (who played against Maradona).

“Then, I defeated Jamie 11-8 (you can win the championship the following year, Jamie), and I also took home some bowls that Johnny Vegas had autographed as a souvenir. THEN, after watching Jamie & Chuck at the after-show party, they snuck out feeling exhausted.

“I hope I didn’t look like a sweaty mess in all the pictures, but HELLO to everyone who came to say Hi to me. I appreciate the bringing me back; I believe everyone had a wonderful day!” Following the update, fans enthusiastically flooded the comments.

Florrie remarked: “Very cool. It seems like so much fun!”

“Hope you had fun, wonderful pics,” Shelley said.

“Love the both of you, two of you are stars,” Becky wrote in a message.

Added Toni: “Jude, have a fantastic weekend! That’s amazing! I adore all of your images!”

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