Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd shares rare video of his kids on idyllic staycation

Jack P. Shepherd, a star of Coronation Street, delighted fans by sharing candid video of himself and his family having fun on a holiday in the English countryside.

The 35-year-old father of two has been residing at Ribblesdale Park, which is a section of Lancashire’s Gisburne Park Estate.

Jack, who has portrayed David Platt on Corrie since the year 2000, and his ex-fiancée, Lauren Shippey, have two children together: Nyla, 14, and Reuben, 10 years old.

As the week came to a conclusion, Jack shared several videos from his family trip on Instagram, which appeared to be extremely wholesome.

The soap actor claimed that films inspire him wherever he goes, and he was reminded of a memorable 1991 Macaulay Culkin movie.

“Every moment in my life is a movie reference, I’m constantly finding them, My girl,” he wrote in a post that included video of his kids pushing each other on a swing beneath a large tree.

“Kids love this one, too.”

“Found this swing at @ribblesdalepark right next to where we are staying,” he continued. Boom.”

The adorable family moment won the hearts of fans of the soap actress, one of whom commented: “I don’t know where this is but it’s beautiful.”

Another gushed about the sweet video, simply commenting, “Love this.”

Jack uploaded video of himself attempting to entice some curious cows away from his sports vehicle as well, so it wasn’t the only memory from the trip that he shared online.

Jack and his daughter could be seen watching as a pair of interested bovidae animals investigated the car.

The camera switched to reveal Jack’s girlfriend Hanni Treweek’s pet chihuahua standing nearby. Jack commanded the dog, “Baby, you go in,” and the animal obeyed by running off.

Then Jack could be heard saying that he was afraid the cows may smell some food he had in one of his cars, so he told them to “bugger off” while clicking at them.

His followers found the clip amusing, and several remarked on the magical moment. One wrote: “Clicking fingers to mooooove cows thats a new one.”

Another person observed how quickly Baby obeyed her instructions to enter the house and said, “Dogs like don’t have to tell me twice byee.”

Hanni, Jack’s fiancée, travelled with him and his kids and cheerfully posted photos from the vacation to her Instagram account.

She posted pictures of herself hugging Jack while perched on his knee online, along with the caption, “Cuddles, oversized jumpers, silk dresses & an open fire, my heart is full.”

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