Coronation Street’s Hope Stape eyes next victim after Sam Blakeman split

After Bridget Woodrow’s (Beth Vyse) mother was imprisoned, Stu Carpenter (played by Bill Fellows) was appointed as Eliza Woodrow’s (Savannah Kunyo) legal guardian.

Eliza is being bullied, and according to official ITV spoilers, she is considering going to Weatherfield High with Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan). However, might this be a result of Hope Stape’s (Isabella Flanagan) nasty streak?

Stu is shocked and taken aback when he learns that he would receive about £200K in compensation in upcoming scenes.

But as soon as he learns that Eliza is being teased at school because her mother, Bridget, is behind bars, his elation quickly turns to despair.

In an effort to move on and find a way to stop the bullying, Stu attends a meeting at her school.

He is devastated to inform Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) that the headteacher thought Eliza may do better in a different school when he gets home.

She tries to help Stu feel better by suggesting that a fresh start would be the solution because she recognizes how deflated Stu must feel.

Eliza is honest and acknowledges that she is not pleased with the concept when Stu later explains that he has set up an interview for her at Oakhill.

Later, she asks Sam, a student at Weatherfield High, for assistance in order to learn more about the institution.

Stu is persuaded that Weatherfield High would be a better choice, and he agrees to phone and set up an interview.

Sam and Eliza might be thrilled to attend the same school, but Hope might have other plans.

Sam and Hope only recently started dating after asking Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) for advice.

However, may Hope make her life worse than it was at her previous school if she feels threatened by Eliza’s admission to Weatherfield High?

When Eliza arrives at their school, would Sam divert his attention there and leave Hope by herself?

Since Eliza’s mother is now in prison, Stu has been concentrating on making sure she is at ease with her new life with him and Yasmeen.

Stu was sentenced to prison for the murder of a woman named Charlie, but he protested his innocence and said that crooked cops had forced him into a confession.

After learning about her father’s relationship with the lady, Bridget killed Charlie, as it was eventually discovered.

Since Eliza moved in with him at the Nazir home, Stu has concentrated all of his efforts on ensuring that she leads a regular life.

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