Coronation Street’s Grace Vickers quits soap after blackmail plot takes disastrous turn

Grace Vickers of CORONATION Street will leave the cobblestones later this year as her blackmail attempt backfires.

Kate Spencer’s unstable single mother will find herself at the center of a deadly narrative line that will lead to her leaving the famed neighborhood.

After being spurned by their son Michael, Grace has sent a scary blackmail threat to Aggie and Ed Bailey, which viewers have witnessed.

She’s threatening to take their granddaughter Glory away for good if they don’t give her a house.

According to a source: “Grace and Michael’s relationship will reach a boiling point, forcing her to flee the streets.

“Their relationship has been rocky to say the least, but in the fall, things are going to heat up again. It’s going to be one of the show’s primary plotlines.

“If the producers decide they want Grace back on the street, the door has been left open for her to return at a later date.”

Grace will continue to appear on screen until the end of the year, despite the fact that her final scenes are due to be shot this month.

In order to give Grace a chance to return, the show’s writers decided to write in a method for her to do so by simply transferring her into a second property Aggie and Ed have purchased to remodel.

While Michael would believe his Grace is renting out his parents’ home, she is actually holding them hostage and refusing to let them see their granddaughter Glory unless they allow her to reside there.

Grace has had a love/hate connection with the Baileys since arriving on the cobblestones in November 2019.

She pretended to be the mother of a child she was nannying for, and when the reality was out, Michael was distraught.

She was at the center of a controversial racism storyline earlier this year, in which she was falsely accused of shoplifting.

Grace was locked in a security room after being racially profiled while out shopping, and the stress of the situation prompted her to go into early labor.

Coronation Street is competing for Best Soap against EastEnders, Hollyoaks, and Emmerdale, while Mollie Gallagher, Liam Gallagher’s daughter, is up for Best Newcomer for her portrayal of Nina Lucas.

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