Coronation Street’s Frank ‘rumbled’ as Aaron’s abuser as fans ‘work out’ DNA link

Fans of Coronation Street believe they have finally identified Aaron’s abuser, a man by the name of Frank Bardsley.

Over the course of a few weeks, Sean Tully’s boyfriend’s bullying behavior came to light as funeral director George Shuttleworth recalled horrifying acts of violence at his hands.

Dylan, Sean’s kid, was dumped right there and then on the doorstep after Frank went further and yelled at Dylan.

Fans quickly caught Aaron on a suspicious phone call hastily telling the person on the other end of the line that he’d be home soon. Meanwhile, Aaron has been arriving at Summer’s covered in bruises, claiming to have been mugged.

Aaron’s ribs and chest were bruised, and Summer frantically urged him to go to the hospital because she thought he might have fractured a rib. However, Aaron refused.

It has persuaded viewers that he is being molested by a close friend or relative, and many believe it to be Sean’s ex-boyfriend.

One fan wrote on social media to share their theories: “I think it’s Frank who’s assaulting Aaron because the abuse has gotten worse after Sean separated with him and I bet Stu catches Frank.”

Another person said: “Maybe Frank mistreats Aaron because Stu’s daughter was married to him and Aaron is their son. What do you think? Another responded in unison, “I think it’s Frank!

Another person said, “Likely to be the guy Sean went out with.”

I wonder whether Frank is abusing Aaron, a fifth Twitter user remarked.

Other suspects in the case of Aaron’s abuser have included Stu Carpenter, who was accused after telling his daughter Bridget that he “didn’t hurt that girl” and been slammed in the face by her, and Audrey’s tense son Stephen.

After the car repairs went horribly wrong and Aaron was shown to be incompetent, some fans believe Stephen decided to vent his rage on Aaron.

Toyah’s future is looking bleak as she contends with a murder charge and a potential prison term. As Corrie viewers have previously witnessed, Toyah began to devote herself to local issues in an effort to divert attention from the impending court case.

And just as she was about to get herself into trouble by climbing inside the garbage collector’s vehicle, Toyah’s sex partner and eco-warrior Spider Nugent showed up.

As Spider takes Toyah under his wing and Leanne is relieved to finally have someone else to share the load, the character will soon be back on the cobbles.

But why precisely has Spider returned to Weatherfield, and could he cause more problems there?

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