Coronation Street’s Faye hides secret from Craig after mistake

In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (17th August), Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) was harboring an unpleasant and guilty secret as she and Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) decided to put their recent arguments behind them.

The protagonist has had a difficult few months since receiving the diagnosis of premature ovarian failure, or early menopause. Faye was horrified to find that she would be unable to have any more children after initially believing that her symptoms indicated she was pregnant.

Since Faye decided against hormone replacement therapy, boyfriend Craig has gone above and beyond in his attempts to show support. He studied nutrition, including looking at the menus at neighborhood eateries and keeping an eye on Faye’s eating habits.

Faye was enraged when he told her supervisor Carla Barlow (Alison King) that she was placing too much pressure on her at the factory.

Faye confronted Craig about his behavior after becoming enraged to discover that he had once again placed a food order on her behalf. In the process, she made a nasty remark regarding his OCD diagnosis.

After storming out, she felt calmer when she got home, but then Craig gave her a gift of special nightwear that he believed would improve her sleep.

Faye challenged Craig after being horrified that he regarded her in this way rather than as a beautiful young woman, and the two became estranged after Craig suggested they stay at his mother’s house. Faye did not disagree.

After running into the bedroom in tears, she was shocked to see Craig joking around with his police buddy tonight.

But as Carla opened the prosecco, an unaware Faye joined in the factory celebrations, giving Craig hope that he could make amends.

As she transferred the celebration to the Rovers and spent time in the pub garden with her friend Michael Bailey, Faye drank a few too many glasses of champagne.

Faye leaned in for a kiss while they talked, and Michael quickly backed off. Michael gently explained that Faye was intoxicated and obviously in love with Craig as she became more and more ashamed. Craig was dozing off on the sofa when she returned to the apartment after leaving work.

Craig said that he had cooked them dinner, but it had likely gone cold, and apologized for his overbearing attitude. He then offered Faye a rose. Faye was grateful and covered up her secret transgression as she and her lover decided to move past their problems.

Will Craig, however, learn what transpired? Will Faye own up to her error or try to bury it? And can this pair actually mend their relationship’s cracks?

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