Coronation Street’s Faye could be caught out in love triangle story

In the course of her love triangle plot with Craig Tinker and Jackson Hodge on Coronation Street, Faye Windass risks being discovered.

In recent weeks, Faye and her ex-boyfriend Jackson have become closer, particularly over the co-parenting of their daughter Miley. However, Faye will have to deal with everything being revealed in brand-new sequences for the soap opera.

Things get underway when Faye tells Beth, Sally, and Izzy about her intentions to organize a surprise party for Craig to celebrate his CID secondment.

Later, Jackson and Miley convince Faye to assist with the latter’s school family tree project, and both Faye and Gary pitch in.

Jackson compliments Faye, which she appreciates, but Gary notices the growing chemistry between them. Faye admits that Jackson tried to kiss her when Gary confronts her and inquires about her feelings for him. She assures Gary, nevertheless, that she still loves Craig and that Jackson’s resistance to accepting it is simply a misunderstanding.

Jackson advises Faye that choosing Craig would be the worst mistake of her life as Gary tries to entice both of them to the furniture store and encourage them to discuss

When Craig first enters the Bistro, he is surprised to see everyone there. However, he soon realizes that Jackson and Faye are missing, so he makes the decision to contact Faye’s phone to find out where they are. He goes over after hearing it ringing in the furniture store.

Before her fiancé enters, Faye hears Craig coming and instructs Jackson to hide behind a desk. Will Craig come upon Jackson and her?

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