Coronation Street’s Faye actress Ellie Leach has mum’s help with difficult storyline

Ellie Leach, an actor on Coronation Street, revealed that her mother is presently assisting her with a challenging plot point.

The actress, who portrays Faye Windass on ITV’s Coronation Street, was a guest on Loose Women as part of their “Menopause Manifesto” campaign. She spoke about her current position. The Cobbles character, who is only 20 years old, has received a diagnosis of early ovarian failure.

The diagnosis caused a split in her relationship with policeman Craig Tinker since she realized she wouldn’t be able to have a child with him. She was advised that it might be addressed with hormone replacement treatment (HRT).

He has, however, supported her through her heat flashes, mood swings, and other ailments.

Actress Ellie spoke to the Loose Women panel and shared her thoughts on the plot.

She uttered: “I wasn’t aware that it could happen to women so young, therefore I was surprised. But I believe that is what makes it good—that not many people are aware of it.”

Added her: “There are many different things and symptoms, but I believe the mood swings are the most challenging. I don’t really experience it in my life, but it feels like something takes control of your body and you are unable to explain it as it goes from zero to one hundred so quickly.”

The young actress claimed that some of the symptoms her on-screen character must depict are actually being experienced by her own mother, who is currently going through menopause.

She uttered: “Because I can kind of see how she is, and I know that she does experience mood swings and heat flashes, it’s actually extremely beneficial. But she’s all right, and it’s good to have her around.”

She noted that the soap is assisting in highlighting how menopause can impact both a person’s partner and themselves. She uttered: “How people’s partners deal with it and how it impacts them, in my opinion, is something else that is also under-discussed. Since you are undoubtedly experiencing it, it is somewhat selfish. You don’t give any consideration to others nearby.”

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