Coronation Street’s Evelyn Plummer returns to cobbles as star speaks out ‘It’s amazing’

In an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of Good Morning Britain, Dame Maureen Lipman talked about her comeback to Coronation Street.

The 76-year-old actress portrays Evelyn Plummer, the long-lost strict grandmother of Tyrone Dobbs, a fan favorite (played by Alan Halsall). She explained the rationale behind her return to cobbles to ITV hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Rob Rinder.

I’ve taken a brief break from Corrie, but I’m returning because I like the show and the people, the actress said.

Even though I’ve lived in London for 54 years, it’s fantastic to be back up north because you kind of realize how affluent you are there.

You also have a proper history of Hull and Manchester, thanks to your late husband [Jack Rosenthal], who wrote so many Coronation Street episodes, Rob chimed in.

Her husband, playwright Jack Rosenthal, penned 129 of the show’s initial episodes.

They got married in 1973 and remained together till his passing in 2004.

“He did [write many episodes], and Evelyn is a very Jack Rosenthal character,” Maureen continued.

The actress told ITV viewers, “She is a proper battle-axe and she’s not really been redeemed.”

During her stint on the soap, the character was at the center of numerous plotlines, including getting caught up in the breakup of Tyrone and Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine).

Recently, Maureen justified her decision to join the cast of the program and thanked the crew and cast for keeping it going for so long.

She told Readers Digest, “I don’t have a snooty feeling about Corrie.

“When I inform cab drivers that I work on Coronation Street when they inquire about my whereabouts, they frequently respond, “Aah, something will come up.” Never do I watch it. “Well, I never drive a cab,” I murmur.

“I won’t listen to any criticism of it. There are many highly talented performers working with minimal preparation and guidance.

Maureen went on: “Interested in a career in sex education? Of sure, I say. Do I regret committing to Corrie for a more year? No, I’m not.”

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