Coronation Street’s Evelyn Plummer makes heartbreaking decision after Cassie relapse

Evelyn Plummer on Coronation Street has tragically decided to leave No. 9.

This tragic event occurred as a result of her daughter Cassie overdosing in front of the children after obtaining drugs with money intended for purchasing boots for Ruby.

Although Abi immediately went by the precinct flat to covertly inform Cassie that her son hadn’t given up on her, Evelyn had originally persuaded Tyrone that it would be better if Cassie moved out.

Tyrone’s perspective shifted after he consented to go with Cassie to a support group meeting. There, Cassie made up a tale about how her mother kicking her out of the house launched her life of prostitution and drug addiction.

Tyrone became enraged with Evelyn as a result of this false report, but Cassie begged him not to tell her what she had said since she knew her deception would be revealed.

Later, Tyrone confided in Abi that he was going to invite Cassie to come back into No. 9 regardless of what Evelyn thought. Abi acknowledged that she wasn’t sure whether it was the appropriate choice.

In the night’s concluding scene, Evelyn walked in on Tyrone talking huskily about her with Cassie and sarcastically inquired as to whether they would like her to return when they were through.

Tyrone reacted angrily, telling his grandmother that he didn’t understand how she could “turn [her] back” on her own daughter.

Tyrone was reminded by Evelyn that she had spent weeks trying to help Cassie quit drinking just to see her relapse.

What, are you simply going to give up on her once more? Angry, Tyrone questioned.

Even though Cassie vowed to fix her problems once and for all, Evelyne retracted her claim that she was “too tired” to keep circling with her.

Cassie growled at her mother, “It must be wonderful to be right all the time.

In response, Evelyn said, “I would love for you to disprove me, but I don’t think you’ll do it by overdosing in front of your own grandchildren.”

Evelyn felt it would be better for her to return to the precinct flat because she knew the kids would never agree with her after they overheard her cutting comment as they down the stairs.

Tyrone told his grandmother, “I believe that would be for the best.”

While Tyrone debated whether or not he had made the correct choice, a sad Evelyn had to conceal her sorrow as she left to gather her belongings.

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