Coronation Street’s Evelyn Plummer addresses soap future as she bags new role

Actress Maureen Lipman, who plays Evelyn, announced that following her “little holiday” onstage, she will return to Coronation Street.

Maureen, 76, has been a recurring character on the program for almost 20 years, but her appearances have been on and off over the years. After her husband, Guido Castro, passed away in 2021, she had to take a break until reprising her recurring role as Evelyn Plummer in 2018.

The actor was once more written out of the story by the writers, which gave her the opportunity to take on a new theatrical part. Later this month until October, Maureen will take up the major role of Rose in the theater play of the same name.

Given her abrupt departure and new position, the actress was asked on Good Morning Britain if she will be going back to the cobbles.

She clarified her opinion on the program by stating: “I’m going back to Corrie because I enjoy Corrie and the people. This simply happened to coincide with a brief vacation from the show.

Even though I’ve lived in London for 54 years, it’s fantastic to be back up north because you realize how posh you seem to be.

Maureen promised she “won’t hear a nasty word about it” and commended the production and its actors for the incredible work they put into it. It has a lot of extremely talented performers performing with very little preparation and guidance, she continued.

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