Coronation Street’s Dee-Dee Bailey makes a big decision over Sarah’s secret

Tonight (April 12), Coronation Street aired the trial of Damon Hay, which was dismissed after Dee-Dee Bailey and Adam Barlow argued that the prosecution’s evidence was inadmissible.

Leanne Battersby and Nick Tilsley both showed signs of disappointment that Damon was released, while Sarah felt on edge whenever he turned to look at her. She reassured him that their sleeping together was an error and that she required him to keep quiet when he approached her alone in the Bistro.

Damon promised her he wouldn’t say anything because he liked Adam, but Dee-Dee said, “You wanted to rip his head off, and he wanted to rip off something else.”

People will begin to sense the “heat” between them, she added.

Sarah finally told the truth to Dee-Dee, and she consented to keep quiet. She wasn’t exactly thrilled, though, that she was keeping the information from her boss a secret and that she just needed to be concerned about Damon’s blathering.

Later, back in the Bistro, Damon pushed Dee-Dee to acknowledge that Sarah had told her about their hookup. She gave him a warning to stay away, which he happily interpreted as an acknowledgment.

Sarah gave Adam a passionate kiss while feeling guilty and proposed that they try for another child right away.

Can Damon be believed despite his repeated claims that he has changed for the better and won’t divulge information?

He still has feelings for Sarah, and he’s brought up the possibility of Adam giving his businesses legal counsel, so he’ll be around the pair a lot more in the future.

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