Coronation Street’s Daisy Midgeley star teases looming feud with Barlow women

Daisy and Daniel from Coronation Street hope to get married and begin their new lives together in the coming year. Daisy is portrayed by Charlotte Jordan, and Daniel is portrayed by Rob Mallard. Things don’t appear to be going well for Daisy, though, when her mother Christina (Anna Robinson) shows up in Weatherfield and a Barlow rivalry may be brewing, potentially forcing Daisy out of the family.

Being embraced into the Barlow family and seeing Tracy and Carla Barlow (Kate Ford) face to face is a major step (Alison King).

Charlotte responded to a question on how she liked being a Barlow honoree by telling and other media that “I mean, my first one and a half, two years, we were so restricted by COVID.

“The scene can only accommodate two to three actors, so being in No. 1, near Tracy, Steve (Simon Gregson), and all these wonderful characters is essential. Such a thrill, really. It’s a lot of fun.”

Charlotte also discussed Daisy’s opinions about the other Barlow ladies, making jokes about the potential for a heated argument to break out.

She clarified: “I believe they are all excellent. The wonderful thing about the Corrie ladies is that each one of them is a formidable individual.

“Tracy and Daisy are likely to clash heavily, which will be a lot of fun to see.

I’ve wanted to do it ever since they told me they would pair me up with Rob in the beginning.

“So I’ve been anticipating that for a while. That would be a lot of fun to do, and I’d want to do one with Ally King since we worked together briefly when I first started.

I didn’t want them to be best buddies and be boring, so I was hoping they would take it in a different rival path. However, I do believe they will clash, and conflict is exciting.

As the stress of organizing a wedding overtakes the home, will Daisy irritate Tracy?

Being assertive and independent like Tracy and Carla, Daisy can cause some friction in the family if she gets her way.

How will Daniel handle the conflict between his fiance and his family?

Rob Mallard also talked on how fun it was to film as a family once more and have Daisy become more involved.

He clarified: “We’ve had a lot of opportunities to participate, even tangentially, as when we were going through the living room and caught the end of someone’s remark.

“It’s just good to connect those families so that you can think of them as a unit and play different roles as you watch them interact.

“I mean, myself and Kate have had a blast acting like a brother and sister to each other, which is something we never got to do before since it was always just in the flat in the Rovers’ back room.

“It basically falls back into those relationships that we didn’t get to see that much of because of COVID.”

The proprietors of a wedding location Daisy falls in love with in upcoming episodes offer to rent it to her for half-price if she holds her ceremony on the second Monday in May.

Daisy is unhappy when Daniel expresses his concerns about getting married so soon, which prompts her to flirt with the DJ by entering her phone number into his and then sharing pictures of the two of them online.

Instead, Daniel looks over the wedding venue’s brochure and says he has time off work scheduled for the date she chose.

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