Coronation Street’s Cassie moves out after overdose – but can she get clean?

In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street (6th September), Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney), who suffered a terrible drug overdose, was forced to leave Tyrone Dobbs’s (Alan Halsall) house.

While Tyrone and his family were getting ready for Jack Webster’s (Kyran Bowes) and daughter Ruby’s (Billie Naylor) joint birthday celebration, Cassie put a foot in it by teasing that Ruby would be receiving a present she had been wanting for weeks.

Cassie offered to take some money and go and pick up the gift for Ty as he was now in a difficult situation.

While Cassie’s mother Evelyn (Maureen Plummer) was telling Ty that he had made a terrible mistake since Cassie couldn’t be trusted with the money, Cassie was being hassled by dealer Dean Turnbull (Anthony Crank) in public.

Cassie took the drugs he sold her while sobbing in agony. As the celebration got started at the Bistro, Tyrone waited for his mother to show up. However, Ryan Russell’s Michael Bailey soon stated that he had intervened after seeing a man recently attack Cassie.

The man was Dean, her former dealer, and Abi (Sally Carman-Duttine) was forced to admit that Cassie had been caught robbing the garage.

An investigation was launched to find Cassie, but it was Tyrone’s other daughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan) who discovered Cassie unresponsive outside.

Abi summoned an ambulance, and Cassie was taken to the hospital as Hope was sent to find a doctor.

Later, against medical advice, she awoke, left the hospital, and went back to visit Tyrone. Tyrone was worried about traumatized Hope and expressed regret to Evelyn for not listening to her.

Although Tyrone insisted that Cassie return to the precinct flat, Evelyn’s refusal to follow her showed that he was still worried about her welfare.

Abi showed up later to the flat to inform Cassie that she was there to offer support as Tyrone had requested.

Cassie was given hope for the future by this, but would she finally be able to quit drinking?

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