Coronation Street’s Carla Barlow left annoyed by Peter in Ryan Connor storyline

Carla Barlow of Coronation Street is upset when she learns that her husband Peter has been pressuring Ryan Connor to start working again in Monday’s episode (August 21).

While trying to figure out how to make restitution to Lou, the widow of businessman Rufus Donahue, for stealing the businessman’s watch, Peter decides it’s time for a private conversation with Ryan.

Peter tells Ryan during his Monday visit to the Cobbles that he owes Lou £15,000 and that every pound matters.

Peter, who is aware that Ryan hasn’t been working consistently since the acid assault, gently urges Ryan to start paying rent at the flat.

Ryan vows to inquire about working shifts at the Bistro once more because he is determined to make ends meet.

Carla is annoyed at Peter for applying pressure to Ryan when she learns about this situation.

Ryan’s tale moves on thanks to Peter’s intervention, and he gets an idea from one of his online fans.

Ryan has started posting images of himself without a shirt online to track his evolving physique.

Liv, one of Ryan’s followers, however, goes a step further and requests that Ryan take his pants off and take a picture in exchange for money.

According to Ryan Prescott, who portrays Ryan, “For Ryan, it’s 100% about the affirmation. He’s attempting to assist Peter and Carla in paying their rent, thus there is a financial aspect to it.

Rufus is doing his part because they owe his wife money for the stolen watch.

Additionally, Ryan needs to believe that he is still independent. That serves as yet another rationale for him to perform this work, and I believe that’s all he really needs. But the approval matters more than anything else.

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