Coronation Street’s Billy Mayhew star’s ‘legs went weak’ after MND storyline revelation

Couple Billy Mayhew and Paul Foreman from Coronation Street have just decided to give their romance another shot. They are portrayed by actors Daniel Brocklebank and Peter Ash. Paul has relocated back with Billy and Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby), despite initially wishing to take things slowly due to financial difficulties.

Actor Daniel Brocklebank has opened out about how he felt when he learned about the plot and how Billy is currently ignorant that Paul has been given a preliminary diagnosis of limb-onset motor neurone disease.

Paul’s health will deteriorate in upcoming episodes of the ITV soap opera, and he will eventually inform his loved ones of the situation.

After his grandfather was diagnosed with and eventually passed away from the sickness, Daniel previously disclosed that he had a personal connection to the plot.

He recently shared his feelings over the subject with and other media, saying: “When I initially got the phone call I was out walking my dogs.

And just as Peter mentioned, it always leaves you wondering “What on earth is this about?” when a producer calls you.

And Verity [producer] explained the plot to me; however, they were unaware of my background with MND or the association, so it came as a bit of a shock.

I won’t deny that I felt a little weak in the legs because, I guess, it simply brought back memories of that period, and I wondered whether this may be fairly triggering in a number of ways.

Although Billy’s understanding of MND differs from mine, I hope to be able to inject some of my own personal experience into this plot as someone who has really assisted in providing care for a person with MND.

Billy acknowledged that he first felt under pressure to complete the crucial plotline. I believe the only pressure comes from…, he said. Since it is Billy’s path and not mine, the only pressure I feel is to anticipate how upsetting it will be.

Billy is a character who is highly emotional, so I won’t have any trouble playing it. In addition, as Peter stated, we want to present it as sensitively and realistically as possible.

“I don’t believe there will be any issues for me because I’m entering a field in which I don’t need to conduct any research.

“In some ways, the fact that I have personally gone through and experienced it lessens the strain. I suppose the added challenge will be resisting the want to cry constantly.

Unknown is the timeframe for Paul’s narrative, in which Paul grows increasingly anxious to be able to leave his family with some money.

Paul told Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) on the street during last Friday’s episode that he doesn’t have long to live and urgently has to make some money.

Damon reluctantly gave him the contact information for Kyle, a man looking for a driver as part of an insurance scam.

After promising his sister Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) that he would help with her wedding, Paul has been struggling mightily to support both himself and his family.

Will Paul have to say goodbye to his family sooner than he anticipated if he keeps working with Damon and is caught?

Damon is known for defending his own interests, therefore if necessary, he won’t think twice about accusing Paul of something.

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