Coronation Street’s Billy and Paul love story will come to a tragic and emotional end

Former vicar Billy Mayhew (played by Daniel Brocklebank) of Coronation Street has experienced a lot of pain and loss throughout his time in Weatherfield.

He will soon learn the heartbreaking news that his boyfriend Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) has motor neurone disease. Although a timetable has not been provided, the incurable condition will finally cause Foreman to leave the ITV soap opera. Daniel recently shared his thoughts on their relationship and how it would end in an emotional way.

In subsequent scenes, Billy recommends they plan a vacation and offers to pay for it because he is aware of Paul’s financial problems.

Paul makes an effort to seem excited about the trip, but he has a history of refusing financial assistance.

Paul, who is by himself at home, answers a call from his MND specialist eager to learn whether he has motor neurone disease or not.

But when Billy gets home, he swiftly ends the call since he doesn’t want to tell Billy about it, which would make the problem a reality.

Since there is currently no cure for motor neurone disease, Paul will eventually succumb to the illness and pass away.

Despite their reconciliation, the pair will soon be torn apart as Daniel Brocklebank discusses Billy’s reaction to the news.

He stated to the media: “I believe that since he is an archdeacon and a former vicar, his position is very much about pastoral care.

So, while I believe personally he will be devastated to learn of his partner’s diagnosis, I also believe that his professional talents will enable him to support Paul.

I believe he will want to demonstrate his strength for Paul and may decide to stay. I haven’t read any of this, but I believe he will leave his emotional bits and may be more subdued.

This is obviously all about Paul because he won’t want to make it about him.

Regarding their romantic history, he continued, “It affects people in different ways, and I think if somebody is given a diagnosis of something that is fatal, people start to grieve before they have lost someone.

And while various people process loss in different ways, Billy, a vicar, has dealt with death frequently throughout the course of my years as his actor, including when Sinead Osbourne (Katie McGlynn) and Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) passed away.

He will be able to provide that to Paul because of all the other characters he has killed or supported.

It is a love tale, but it is one that is recounted from a different perspective because it is evident that he will also be coping with his own sadness.

Billy will mention having a new parishioner who also has MND move into the neighborhood in the upcoming weeks.

Billy’s first encounter with the illness could encourage Paul to tell his partner the real extent of his ailments, which he has been downplaying.

Daniel remarked: “I think in a scene that he is trying to find a support group for it so I think in that respect Billy will be able to help.”

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