Coronation Street’s Bernie Winter star has a famous wife soap fans may recognise

Ever since she debuted as Gemma’s mother in Corrie in 2019, Bernie Winter has become a firm favorite with the audience.

The Jane Hazelgrove-played persona has emerged as a formidable opponent who shouldn’t be underestimated. She stole her pregnant daughter’s urine early on in the plot so she could sell phony positive pregnancy tests.

But as she’s become used to the neighborhood, viewers have noticed a softer side. Bernie is fiercely devoted and will battle to the death for those she loves.

She recently encountered Gabrielle Glaister’s character Fern, who was Deborah “Debs” Brownlow’s twin in the 2000 comedic storyline.

Bernie has had bad success finding love in the soap opera, but happily Jane does much better. According to the MEN, the 54-year-old has been wed to fellow soap opera star Isobel Middleton since 2015.

In 2019, she opened up about her “lovely” wife on ITV’s Lorraine, saying: “We haven’t [worked together], which is probably why we’re still together. She is amazing and a stunning woman. I am incredibly fortunate.

Isobel played three characters in Emmerdale: Jean Rawson in 2020, Dr. Lane in 2014, and a prosecutor’s attorney during Simon McManus’s trial in 2018. She also portrayed Sadie Banks in the BBC serial opera EastEnders in 2002.

Prior to The British Soap Awards, she tweeted with pride about her love in May: “I’m so delighted that my wife, who is incredibly talented and funny, has been nominated for Best Comedy Performance at the #soapawards2022 Although we cannot vote, if we could, I would. Repeatedly. Bernie Winters, Corrie, funnybones, Jane Hazlegrove, etc.”

I’m happy to be joining Coronation Street, she stated after being cast in the part of the colorful Bernie. It’s where, as a very young actor, I began my apprenticeship. I’m eager to get started.

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