Coronation Street’s Audrey Roberts opens up on suicide attempt in heartbreaking storyline

The ITV soap opera will be focusing on mental health issues and the effects of loneliness that many elderly people experience in the coming weeks.

Despite Audrey, a stalwart of Coronation Street, claiming she took too many medications accidently one night while getting treated in the hospital, she is now prepared to come clean.

Viewers will experience intense emotion in the scenes that will appear on August 15 after Audrey is upfront with her friends about what happened three weeks ago.

Roy, Rita, Claudia, and Ken (require the actors’ names next to each one) are shocked to learn about her suicide attempt as they get together for a belated birthday meal at a hotel.

Audrey explains to them after sitting down that she attempted suicide but that an ambulance was summoned when a neighbor who was distributing flyers noticed her.

The pals feel bad that they didn’t see any indications that Audrey was having trouble and inquire as to what motivated her to make the decision when the awful truth is disclosed.

She informs her friends that she has kept her emotions covered and acknowledges that she hasn’t spoken to her family about what occurred.

The group discusses some of the issues that being older might bring before Audrey confesses that she started drinking when her eyesight began to fail and she began to miss her late husband, Alfie.

“I just seemed to slide down,” she claims. I would toss and turn all night long, then fall asleep right when I ought to be getting ready for the day.

use the day. Huh! Spend the afternoons sipping sauvignon blanc and contemplating my exact abilities.

Sue talked about Audrey’s sorrowful tragedy as she alluded to the approaching emotional storyline.

The 78-year-old said Audrey’s initial response was to hide the suicide attempt from her family, who hold a special place in her heart.

“Her family, who are busy with their own lives, see her down and upset moments as her not being able to cope with the real world, and she feels like they have started treating her a bit like a child, and she started to feel depressed,” the soap opera star stated.

She is generally in excellent health and with herself, but her despair seemed to take over completely.

The actress continued by saying that when Audrey eventually shares her troubles with her closest friends, they help to make her life appear lighter.

Sue said that the lesson she wants viewers to learn from this plot is how important it is to be willing to ask others how they are feeling.

“Sometimes the younger generation may believe that someone above the age of 70 isn’t capable of making decisions, which can lead to older individuals losing their sense of purpose and feeling very useless,” she said.

The actress remarked that she is fortunate to work with people of different ages and finds it enjoyable to converse with them.

In addition, Sue hoped that younger people would realize how much the elder generation still had to contribute. “I do hope that this tale helps older folks reach out and start talking about how they feel,” she said.

The next Audrey narrative will be in accordance with ITV’s most recent mental health campaign, Britain Get Talking.

The campaign’s goal is to motivate individuals to take action by proactively taking care of their mental health through interacting with others.

Over 100 million new or more significant discussions between ITV audiences have been sparked by the initiative since it started in 2019.

If this story has touched you, Samaritans may be reached 24/7 for free at 116 123, via email at, or online at

Similar to this, you can visit or phone Age UK Advice free of charge at 0800 169 6565 (8am–7pm).

Call their subsidiary charity, The Silver Line, to speak with a kind older person for free, day or night, at 0800 4 70 80 90.

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